Hey! That Dude has Man Boobs

Man Boobs

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3 quick questions:

1. Are you afraid of being the biggest boobed person at the beach when your a guy?

2. Do baby animals try to mount your breast for food?

3. If or when you run, do your mammaries slap you in the face?

Oh No…. You have “Manboobs”?

Obviously if you are man this is major issue.  “Gynaecomastia”, often jokingly referred to as manboobs  is anything but funny.

From this point on, I’ll refer to it as “MB” if that’s okay by you.

MB is not an age thing. It can occur at almost any time in life. However, for those of us over 35, it is more common.

This is just one of the many symptoms of “andropause”, or “male menopause.”

When you age your testosterone levels decline…and more than that the testosterone gets “weaker” due to an imbalance between it and estrogen.

A big MB problem.

MB is associated with lack of drive (you know what I’m talking about guys) and excess belly fat due to the estrogen.

Even more serious:  Excess estrogen has been positively linked to prostate cancer.

Yep. MBs are not so funny after all.

Before you start looking for pills, potions and
plastic surgery, there is a solution.  You can put yourself
on regimen of proper nutrition and exercise to see
if it works.  If not, you should think about
seeing a health professional for help.

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  1. Incredible


  2. It can be a real problem especially when you get older.


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