Yes or No? Dumbell Curls?

Yes or No? Do you do dumb bell Curls?


  1. Marvin Simpson says:

    I say yes to dumbbell curls


  2. Erick florida says:

    I like girl the like to work out!


    Erick florida Reply:

    I say yes to dumbbell curls,oh yeah the best!


  3. Frank Casey says:

    yes! on dumbbell curls.


  4. patrick says:

    Yes….because there are so many variations…and so many ways to get it done


  5. Jorgelucas says:

    You know you pushed it when you can’t even jump rope after a curcuit like that. You know what you can do, with guidance and will you take it even further than that every time. Aim big or not at all. Great work out. Thanks Mike.


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