5 Rules of Attracting Women

Attracting a Beautiful Women
Women have to be attracted to someone. Why not you?

Civilization has evolved and  the world has changed a lot, but no matter how far the world has come, history has shown that men still have one universal lingering question.  How do I attract women?

Don’t worry, we at MensTelevision.com have your back.  We want you to succeed with attracting and approaching women.

5 Rules of Attraction: How to Attract Women.

Men have different perspectives about women. Some see them as mysteries while some look at them as pieces of art. But then again, there are also those who view them as radioactive substances that are dangerous to handle. Despite these different points of views, the fact still stands that men want to attract women. It is nature at work. 


Here are some rules that men should remember in their quest to attract women. 


1. Physical attraction is the first stage of the game. 

Understand that like men, women are also very visual. You can get her to lock her attention on you  when she notices and gets attracted by the way you look. When I say you need to look good, it doesn’t mean you have to become a clone of a movie star or a male supermodel. Nothing attracts a woman more than a man who knows how to take care of himself. Try to accentuate your strong physical features by dressing up nicely, getting a haircut, and smelling good. Pay attention to how you carry yourself. 


2. Confidence is indispensible. 

You start whining, “She’s beautiful and I’m not bad myself, but why is she still not into me?”  Well, have you tried checking on your confidence level lately? 

Confidence is such a powerful factor that interplay’s in the game of sexual attraction. It gives you the courage to stop staring at your shoes and start looking at a girl in the eyes. It propels you to muster the strength to talk to women and overcome shyness. Confidence is a catalyst that can even override rule number one if you use it sparingly. Having a healthy amount of self-esteem can exponentially raise your chances of attracting women because there is just something about confident men that turns women on. When a man exudes confidence, it radiates power and a sense of being reliable, qualities that women are really rooting for in a man. 


3. Know what women want. 

You will have the advantage of attracting women by knowing more of what they like, what they don’t, and what makes them smile. Having these pieces of information will help you plan how to approach them. More importantly, knowing what women want will help you understand them better. I know it sounds like a tedious task because it almost entails you to become a mind reader. However, remember that there is no puzzle that can’t be solved, and the same truth applies to women. 


4. A great sense of humor can get you far. 

Women easily feel comfortable and at ease with a man who has a great sense of humor. For a man, it is a trump card that can be used to attract women. If you can make a woman laugh, you have already solved 50% of the puzzle in the game of attraction. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses such a strong sense of humor, so if you don’t have it, don’t push it. You might just border on being obnoxious or trying hard to please. 


5. Be yourself. 

This is a cliché, but I can’t say this enough: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. No matter how desperate you are in getting the woman of your dreams, pretending to be someone else is not the way to go. Not only will it make you feel uncomfortable, it will also make you look deceptive in the eyes of women. Don’t ruin your chances and your reputation just to be liked. Show them who you really are and don’t tell lies about your job, your family or your personality. 


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  1. Moby says:

    Yes… Please set me up with a nice girl


  2. bodybuilding diets says:

    Girls like Muscular Guys.


  3. I think confidence is number one. When a woman sees that you feel good about yourself and that you won’t just deal with any woman, she’ll step up her game to impress you more. Women always want what they can’t have.


  4. How to get a girlfriend says:

    I really liked your blog! good


  5. craig says:

    Excellent post.


  6. Horny Toad says:

    I have been burned so many times that I don’t give into AA. I just don’t give a fuck once I get it. I just go on to other girls. But for you I think it helps to have something to say. Having something to say will give you courage to apporach. It is really important that you do all of your homework first, before you start to go try shit. Because it will be a lot smoother if you know the right steps. So go out there and figure out your personal routin stack.

    You start with the opener asking about an opinion. Then you transistion into another opinion question or do the best friend test. Then you ask names, and where people are from. Then you make a joke. Then you tease. Then you isolate. Then you run the cube, then you kiss test. Then you make out and then you take the girl home. Then you play cat and mouse on kissing, turn the girl on. Then let her take off her clothes because you have kissed her properly. Fuck her, get her phone number the next morning, Drop her off and never call her.

    It’s up to you to make your routin. You have to search the internet and post in the general question forum for more routins. I’m not big on routins because I stopped using them. But I definitly recomend them for you. Make your entire plan from start to finish. Then test it on a buddy (no you don’t have to turn gay). YOU NEED A BUDDY to help you with this shit. A wingman. Get your routin down first in practice then go out into the field. If you do your homework you will find your success rate increases from 0% on the first night to 90% on the FIRST NIGHT! So practice and get a buddy to help you. Or just practice on your dog if you don’t have any friends. But get your routin down. Like a speech.


  7. aroneerly says:

    The reason for this is simple: money and fame have historically been a less powerful motivator for creative types than the prospect of receiving oral sex


  8. Benjamin Airhert says:

    Mr. Mike,
    Since I followed your Real Ripped Program, girls are attacking me. It’s great. All the best.


    The Gang Reply:

    Hey Ben,

    I am glad I could help. The reality is that you made it happen. You took the initiative. Great Work!



  9. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the great information. I am getting better.


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