Are You Paralyzed Around Beautiful Women?

Dating Women

Here’s a dumb question.  Have you ever been afraid to approach a woman that you found attractive?  If you said no, then you are a lying sack of shit.  We all, at one time or another, have been afraid to approach a beautiful girl. Nobody wants to look like a fool and no one enjoys a chance to be cut down.  The pain of rejection far outweighs the pleasure of meeting a dynamite girl.  This sucks because the only thing that is holding you back is your fear or to be more specific, your “Approaching Anxiety”.  There are many ways to over come fear but a simple and effective way is…….Wait for it…”Practice”.  Yes, that’s right, I said “Practice”.  “But wait a minute, where or how do I practice approaching girls?”  Well, I am glad you asked.  Let me give you a very easy and fun exercise that will set you on your way to becoming a dating machine.

Today is a good day to start.

Step #1. Detach yourself from any outcome when doing this exercise.  This means don’t have any expectations and don’t try to ask for a phone number or try to get a date.

Step #2. Put yourself into a relaxed state. Be aware of your body language, and your mental attitude.  Be carefree, funny, put a little smirk on your face.  You Da Man!

Step #3.  Here it is….It’s really hard(sarcasm).   Make eye contact, smile  and say ?‘Hi”  to  every girl you meet. Don’t stare, just make eye contact, smile and say hi.  Then keep going about your business.
Meet girls at coffee shops and just be cool.  If you order a coffee from a girl at the counter and she is wearing a name tag, say “Hi” followed by her name.  When you get your order say “Thank you” followed by her name. This will be true for anytime you encounter a female service person that is wearing a name tag.  By the way, you must do this even if the women is old, chubby, has facial hair and has a zit the size of a tennis ball growing out the side of her nose. No women get left behind.

Simple places to meet and greet women are: the mall, clothing stores, women who sit near you, co workers, public transportation, a girl waiting in line ahead of you or in back of you.

The key to this exercise is to detach yourself from any outcome. Have zero expectations and most of all try to have fun.  The more you meet and greet women the easier it will be when it count’s.

Getting over “Approach Anxiety” could take 5 minutes or a lifetime. It is totally in your control.  Make the most of your day by meeting new women.  The sooner you create this ritual as a daily habit, the sooner you will attain your goals.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Your right, I need to overcome fear with women


  2. Nevarc says:

    Yes I am paralyzed around pretty women. I actually fear any kind of women.


    The Gang Reply:

    All you have to do is work on it and you would be surprise how fast you will improve.


  3. kieguktom says:

    Girls are paralyzed around me. They get scared and run.


  4. Mario says:

    I tried to work my game but it didn’t work.


  5. continue the teasing, but this time in a sexual way. Massage her, let your hands wander, but stop before you go down her underwear. Kiss around her thighs but stop before you do anything sexual. This can be difficult as it requires some restraint, but she’ll be wanting to rip your clothes off because of the sexual tension, and this pretty much eliminates


  6. Jamie Iomo says:

    Approach anxiety is what kept me from doing anything. Once I became aware, it really changed everything. Your tips have really done me well.


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