Dating Women Tip – Are You Man Enough?


We at are always asking women about their opinion on men and dating. It’s only logical because you should get as much information as you can so that you can be a better dater.

One trait that women would like to change about the men that they meet is that they would like them to grow up. Some guys think that it is OK to act like an immature moron.   I will give you a hint, acting like an irresponsible kid totally turns women off.  The reality is that women hate men who act like boys.  A man that acts mature and has mature characteristics naturally attract women.  Even party girls are suckers for men that have it all together.

Here are some of the character traits that women are attracted to:
Relaxed and Calm,
Goal Oriented,
Sense of Humor,

You don’t have to act like an old man with no sense of humor.  Girls don’t want to date “GrandPa”.  You can have fun.  The point is women are naturally attracted to men that are mature no matter your age.  Rate yourself on some of these traits and see how you stand.  If you feel you need to make adjustments, then that is perfect. You are on your way to having beautiful women be naturally attracted to you.

Photo Source – Isis Taylor @ Twisty’s

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  1. Foreign women says:

    When it comes to meeting and dating women, I got turned onto foreign women when I started traveling. There should be a saying once you go with foreign women, you never go back.


  2. Iggie says:

    Hey Bud, Cool Site. Really… I think its a great idea


  3. Dan the Dater of Many Women says:

    Of course I am man enough. At least I hope so.


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