Dating Tip – Do You Like Tough Girls?

Jaimie is a Tough Girl

This is Jaime.  She is a hot, tough little girl from Massachusetts and Las Vegas.  She can be intimidating.  You as man with “game”, you should not be afraid.  You should like the challenge of the win. You bought the latest pick up artist book from a guy with some fancy rock star name. You read all the posts in the pick up artist forums.  Everything you learned has worked for them, of course it will work for you.  They said it would. You are prepared.  You have  a strategy, an opener, a plan.  You approach her, she shoots you down.  What do you do?  Do you run with your tail between your ass or do you try to figure out a better way?  You regroup, you make the approach again, she spits you out like your a little nugget of meat caught between her back teeth.  That’s it, you quit.  Or do you?    She didn’t reject you, she rejected your approach.  Could it be that you really suck with your “game”?  You think you’ve got it, but the pathetic reality is that you don’t. Not even close.    You think that having “game” is all you need to attract women. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  You need to realize that picking up women is not about “game”.  It’s about you.  Game only gets you so far… with stupid girls. A better you, is what’s going to take you to the promise land.  It really isn’t your fault. There are a handful of self proclaimed  “Guru’s” out there that are selling these pick up artist programs. Marketing a bunch of fantasy land bullshit.  As mentioned before, they have fake names, one word names, they use to be a pimple faced loser but now they proclaim to be able to pick up any girl they desire.  That is a bunch of  crap!  They talk about openers, what women want, how to psychologically dissect a women. That’s a bunch of amateur psycho babble.

When you realize that instead of working on your “Game”,  you should work on you. That is when you will attract all kinds of women.  Creating a fake alter ego isn’t going to get it done.  Being a strong “real” you is what will do it for you.  Don’t get caught up in marketing hype.  Be real.

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