Dating Tip for Men – Do You Fear Rejection?

Dating Women

To Fear or Not To Fear, That is the Question.
What is the Number 1 Factor that keeps Men from dating more women?

#1. Not enough money.
#2. Not Enough Hair.
#3. Too Fat or Skinny.
#4. I’m an unemployed 37 year old lazy bastard that still lives with my parents.

Answer.. None of the Above. I would say that #4 could put a damper on your situation. The major factor that keeps men from dating more women is the FEAR OF REJECTION! Some guys just freeze up and won’t approach a girl because they don’t want to be rejected. The pain of rejection far outweighs the benefit of meeting a great girl. I don’t know anyone that likes being rejected. There is a hot girl with a smoking body, you get the courage to ask her out and out of nowhere she looks at you like you are a peasant, she flips you the bird and tells you to “Fuck off”. Who in there right mind likes that?
To help get over the fear of rejection, here is a fun exercise that I recommend you do.

I call it the “Perfect Exercise”.

I want you to think about how it would benefit you to get rejected and how it will benefit you if you get a date with a girl that you want to approach.
Here goes.
If she rejects me, gives me the middle finger and tells me to fuck off, it would benefit me because maybe she is an idiot in real life and if I dated her I would be miserable. Maybe she ends up being boring and then I’ll have to break up with her. Maybe she’ll turn me into a pussy whipped fool and I’ll spend my life sucking up to her and being ridiculed by my friends and family. Maybe she’ll steal my money and use it to take a vacation with a guy named “Serge”. Maybe she is incapable of pleasuring me and I’ll end up spending all my money on cheap drunk hookers that have bad hygiene. You see how perfect it is that she rejected you.. Aren’t you glad she said no.

Now let’s see the perfection in her saying yes. You meet the girl of your dreams, she is a great lover, she treats your parents with respect, she inherits a lot of money and has the both of you live in a mansion that is paid for. She has a friend that thinks your cute and wouldn’t mind a little threesome. You get the idea. It’s all perfect.

Get over the fear of rejection by simply believing that any outcome (rejection or not) is a perfect outcome that totally benefits you. This is a great exercise in life and with women. You see for every person out there is a mate. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you.

Photo source: Riley Shy @Twistys

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  1. Omar says:

    This is better than those ebooks about dating that you have to pay for.


  2. Beed says:

    Of course I fear rejection from women. That’s why I can find one.


  3. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the awesome work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


  4. Your right. Once I overcame the fear of rejection, I started dating more women.


  5. Gambler says:

    I have to admit. I am scared shit of Women.


  6. dave says:

    I do not see why they all want to call this “fear of rejection”. If you KNOW that you are about to be judged and graded when you are not there to judge and grade her, who signed up for that? Who would EVER agree to that double standard in the first place. That is not fear, it sounds like common sense!


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