How to Date More Women – What Are You Good At?

How to Date Women

Let’s start off by analyzing your “Game”.

Are you getting the results you want with your dating?
Are you controlling your “Approach Anxiety” or is it controlling you?
When you go out in public, at what level is your mental state?
When in public what is your body language projecting?
Are you meeting the right women?
Are you asking for a telephone number?
Are you getting phone numbers?

There are many ways to analyze your performance but it all comes down to the real question:  Are you satisfied with your dating results?

If your honest with yourself, you probably need to focus on some aspect of your game.
The best way to get the result you want is to ask yourself a very simple CORE question.

“What do I need to do to get excellent at dating women?”  This is a very powerful question that can change your whole life.  If you have a desire to meet and date more women and you are striving to become great then you need to  ask yourself this question on a daily basis.

Write down all your thoughts.  You might find that you are good a starting a conversation, but lousy at getting the phone number.  You might find that you still need to work on your approach anxiety.  Maybe you are great at getting the date but tend to lack comfort when you are actually on a date.  Maybe you are meeting and dating women that are not compatible with you.  There could be any number of factors you could analyze.
What will set you a part from from other men is that by asking yourself this core question, you are setting up yourself for success.  You are taking the necessary steps to correct any weakness in your game and get the results you want.

Mastery of dating is about honest feedback .  Know what you are good at and work on the things that you need to improve upon.

Model: Veronika Symon @ Twisty’s


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