Plyometric Jump Squats

The plyometric jump squat is a great exercise that serves three purposes. 1.) It will develop your … [Read more...]

Dumbbell Squats

Great upper leg bulking exercise.  The dumbbell sqaut is better than the straight bell or smyth bar … [Read more...]

Seated Overhead Triceps Press

Excellent exercise for getting the back of your arms(triceps) big.  A lot of amateurs focus on the … [Read more...]

Triceps Kick Back

Big and well developed triceps will allow you to show off those guns. Do three sets. On the first … [Read more...]

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

A little muscle on your shoulders will give you a wider torso which will also give the illusion of a … [Read more...]

Curl Bar Shoulder Hang Clean

Excellent shoulder and full body workout.  The curl bar shoulder hang clean will not only build up … [Read more...]

5 Star Cardio Workout

Here is a great way to get a ripped sprinters body.  If you ever hated to do long boring … [Read more...]

Ripped Muscular Chest

Dumbbell chest press is a foundational exercise that will give you maximum muscle gain on your … [Read more...]

Dumbbell Fly for Chest

Dumbbell Fly exercise for the chest is an outstanding way to build up a great pectoral area.  Follow … [Read more...]