Biggest Muscle Building Mistake

Build 20 Pounds of Muscle

There is a major problem that a lot of men have when trying to build lean muscle with out fat.  The problem stems from following generic meal plans from books, magazines and online newsletters.

The information provided by these sources is usual built around solid biological science.  The reason that you are not getting the results that you want is that these plans are in fact Generic.

They are not tailored to you in the ways that are most important to achieving maximum results.

These plans are not structured around:
your age
your weight
your height
your metabolism
your somatotype
or your weight training regimen.

This makes all the difference in the world when it comes down to results.

For example when you see a 3000 calorie rounded off meal plan, you know you are not getting anything personalized for you or your goal.

Think about it.

Do really skinny guys need to eat the same way as ripped bodybuilder guys.  Ask any fitness professional and they will tell you the same thing. You need a customized meal plan.

Generic programs produce generic results.

This why the best fitness models, body builders and fitness competitors hire profession fitness coaches to tailor a specific program for them.

Determining our nutritional needs is the most important factor when it come to moving towards our physique development goals.

Your job is to measure the result of what ever nutritional program you are on.

By adjusting one thing at a time and then measuring your results again after a few weeks.

Because I don’t know you, your body type or your weight regimen.

I can’t get specific with my advice.
But I have one tip that might help you.

When I am not moving quickly toward my physique development goals fast enough.

This first thing I look at is the nutrient that I like to manipulate that usually applies to most body types is the carbohydrate intake.

This intake is a little tricky to get down as opposed to the protein or fat intake.
Because protein usually remains high depending upon what are goals are and fats usually remains moderate to low.

The carbohydrate intake is a little tricky that I would go in and play with that macro nutritional element first see what happens if you want to build muscle.

Ramp that up in both the hypoglycemic carbohydrate and the total carbohydrate and you will probably see some results that will make you happy when you look in the mirror in a couple of weeks.

For more information in developing a customize program for you, check out the video presentation below.

Thank you for taking your time and I look forward to hearing about your positive results.

Build 20 Pounds of Muscle

3 Biggest Body Building Mistakes

Kyle Leon: creator of the Muscle Maximizer

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