Would You Date Laura Lee?

Laura Lee

Do you like sexy brunettes with a nice ass and a sexy tramp stamp tattoo?

As of this writing, Laura Lee is single and just waiting for a confident alpha male to ask her out.  Are you the type of man that can live up to this challenge?

My Name: Laura Lee
My Breast Size: Cup D
My Eyes Are:
My Hair Is:
My Height:
5′ 5″
My Weight:
105 lbs

Model: Laura Lee @ Twistys


  1. When approaching women, I would definately approach Laura Lee.


  2. Gambler says:

    Laura Lee is hot but not my first choice.


  3. NIro says:

    Hell Yeah, I would date Laura Lee


  4. “Im thinking inside my head, what should I say now? I really want sex, what line should I use”
    Your basically using a line in the outcome it gives you sex. Flip the script, its the Girl who should be wanting sex, make her earn it.


  5. James Crawford IV says:

    Now Laura Lee is the perfect 10.


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